"Dear Universe" Limited Edition Vinyl

"Dear Universe" Limited Edition Vinyl

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'Dear Universe' the first full-length record by FELICITY.

Dear Universe Split Color Vinyl


Track Listing

  1. Carpe Diem
  2. Ignite (ft. Dan Marsala of Story of the Year)
  3. Hit And Run
  4. Pendulum
  5. Ghost Town
  6. You Got This
  7. The Weather
  8. Wish You Weren’t Here
  9. Lonely Nights
  10. Highs & Lows
  11. C’est La Vie


Full Album Credits

Songs Written By: FELICITY and Andrew Wade

Produced By: Andrew Wade

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered By: Andrew Wade

Assistant Engineer: Andy Karpovck

©Adventure Cat Records 2021